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1919 Strike

Street battle between strikers and police 1934

“On the face of every worker was the cheerful, optimistic smile of confidence in the justice of their cause."

As a flashpoint for worker unity, the strike and its accompanying effects on labour laws and unionization forever changed work in Winnipeg and beyond. This site focuses on the architecture of the conflict, and the stories that occurred inside and out of the structures of the time.

1919 Illuminated: A Special Event


The fall night air will be alight with a projected digital experience commemorating the 1919 Winnipeg General Satrike on the south facade of 436 Main Street, the former Bank of British North America.

A team of designers, animators and historians are working to craft a unique and memorable media experience. Using state of the art projection technology, the team will immerse the audience in the stories of Winnipeg’s early twentieth century architecture and social uprising.